Swedish/RelaxationA relaxing basic massage that promotes an overall well being.

 60 min– $100         90 min– $150

Integrated– A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue.

60 min– $100          90 min– $150

Deep Tissue A focused massage targeted to areas of chronic pain and discomfort.

 60 min– $100         90 min– $150

Sports A beneficial massage with stretching for athletes to increase range of motion in overused muscles.

60 min- $100          90 min- $150

Neuromuscular– The session is targeted on one or two areas of the body that are prone to trigger point referral patterns

60 min– $100         90 min– $150

Pre-Natal– An Integrated style massage for expectant mothers with special positioning with pillows.

60 min– $100         90 min- $150

Hot Stone Massage- A soothing massage with hot smooth basalt stones.

60 min- $120       90 min- $180

Reflexology– Ancient method where specific points are targeted in ears, hands, and feet to relax the whole body.

60 min- $100

CraniosacralA gentle massage that stimulates the movement of spinal fluid around fascia and nerves through the head, spine and body. Fully clothed treatment, comfortable attire is necessary.

 60 min- $110

Thai Massage- Relaxing bodywork and stretching. Client must wear comfortable clothing during treatment.

60 min-$110          90 min-$160

∗COUPLES MASSAGES∗- You may select any massage or spa package that fits each of you best, as long as its the same length of time. The prices listed above, just put two massages together and that’s the price of your couples massage. No additional charges.

Spa Packages

SignatureSpaFootTreatment-60 min $100– Enjoy our triple foot bliss- foot exfoliation followed by a shea butter finish sealed in with paraffin wax therapy. While  the wax is cooling, enjoy 15 minutes of head, neck, and hand massage. And then drift away with 30 minutes of foot reflexology.

Oceania60 min $130– Invigorating Salt Glow incorporated with a 30 minute Relaxing Massage.

OBXSport75 min $160 – A Sports massage with 15 minutes of Cupping and a tea tree foot exfoliation.

OBXAroma90 min $170– Dry Body Brushing exfoliation incorporated with an integrated massage with select homemade aromatherapy lotion.

Serenity-90 min $180  A 60 minute Integrated Massage combined with 30 minutes of Reflexology and a tea tree foot exfoliation.

Drift Away– 120 min $275 A 60 minute Integrated Massage, 30 minute Reflexology session, and 30 minute Hot Stone Express. Incorporating Paraffin Hands & Tea Tree Exfoliation of the Feet. Inspired by local clients.

Active Couples60 min $240/couple-  Deep Tissue Massage with stretching including a tea tree foot exfoliation.

SweetheartCouples90min $330/couple- An Integrated Massage incorporated with our Signature Spa Foot Treatment.

CouplesDeluxe-120min $440/couple– Enjoy a 60 minute Hot Stone massage incorporated with our Signature Spa Foot Treatment.

Add any of these treatments to your massage or Build Your Own Spa Package…..

Please note that these are ADD- ON treatments and aren’t available as stand alone treatments unless they are combined with a massage/ spa package or multiple treatments equaling at least 60 minutes in session time.

Salt Glow-30 min-$65

Mud Wrap- 30 min- $65

Dry Body Brushing-15 min– $30

Paraffin Dip of Hands$15

Paraffin Dip of Feet$20

Tea Tree Foot Exfoliation-$20

Hot Stone Express– Hot stones are incorporated into the back and neck areas only during a massage or spa treatment.

30 min- $80

Cupping-Silicone cups are used to suction up muscle tissue to soften and loosen up adhesions and knots. (Add on only)

15 min-$40          30 min– $60

Kansa Vatki- A relaxing Ayurvedic lower leg and foot Massage that is light energetic treatment with a tri metal copper bowl.

 45 min- $80

Reiki-  Energy is channeled into the chakras or energy centers of the body to promote balance. Includes a Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

30 min- $65

Reflexology-Ancient method where specific points are targeted in ears, hands, and feet to relax the whole body.

30 min- $65

Add Our Homemade Aromatherapy to any treatment - $5


Provided by North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists